Angel Card Reading with Diane DiBlasi
                 Let Go / Let GOD  
Angel Oracle cards are one way of communicating with your angels and getting messages from your loved ones, whether having your own oracle cards or having someone do a reading for you. You will see how their true messages come to you and they will change your life for the better. Oracle cards can help
find the answers you are looking for through positive and helpful messages. Oracle cards help you become more aware of your own spirituality. With an open mind and heart, they can guide you in every aspect of your life.
How does it work?
If I am doing the reading for you, you would ask me a question. I would first meditate and call upon the Angels/Spirit Guides to help guide me through the reading. They guide me as to which Oracle deck to use and how many cards to pull, it will be different for each person. Readings generally have messages for the immediate past, present and immediate future, every reading is different, as different as each individual is. From the cards that are drawn the Angels/Spirit's message are channeled through.
I am a Licensed Certified Angel Card Reader (Licensed by Hay House Inc.), via Doreen Virtue. My goal in life is to help people find peace and joy by sharing a kind word, loving thoughts, sharing peaceful pictures and photos to make everyone smile as well as messages from your angels and of course prayers for all.
If you wish to have an Oracle Angel Card Reading, this will be done in complete privacy via my e-mail address, Blessings to all, Diane