I am so grateful for the guidance that I had in getting this book completed... The journey of this book started in April of 2013, My daughter Jillian and I were at a psychic craft fair held at Gurneys in Montauk, NY selling our jewelry and my nature photos. A woman had come up to our table and was looking at my photos and said "your photos are so beautiful, I told her, "thank you, I love sharing God's beauty through nature". She then proceeds to tell me that she had a message for me from the angels and told me "they want me to make a book with my photos, these photos and the ones with the orbs in them" Now I only had out traditional nature photos and never showed anyone the spirit photos that I had, she had no way of knowing what I had. I proceeded to show her the "spirit" photos I kept in my pocketbook. She said "yes these must go in your book. Then she left. We went on with the day and I completely forgot about this woman and her message about creating a book. The following month in May I called into a spiritual TV show and when I gave my name the medium on the show told me that she had a message from my angels... “get the book started" well I was surprised to hear this for I completely forgot about it. Well that day I did start to create this book. Lots of times we start projects and put them aside not completing them, this is exactly what I did. Well, I have my jewelry in several stores on the island where I live and meet many spiritual people. In June I was in one of my stores and a woman walks up to me and tells me "I have a message for you, may I give it to you", of course I said "yes" the message was "get the book done". Oh I got the message quite clearly then... I went home that day and worked on it every day until it was completed... Three messages from three different people in three consecutive months. Signs and messages are all around us, we just have to have faith and be opened enough to receive and most important always be grateful... Thank you God for all the gifts you have given me and continue to give me to sustain me on this journey we call "Life" God is Life, Life is Love, Love is God... eternal circle of life, GOD " 

I took this photo in August of 2008. I am a nature photographer and I can tell that you no one was standing in the road that morning when I took this photo. I was driving in the early morning before dawn on a dark street, and this light just suddenly appeared. It was so bright I had to stop the car because I could not see. I took my camera and got out of the car to take photos of the light. I can assure you no one was standing in the road that morning.
This was taken 14 months before my oldest daughter passed away, the photo sat in my computer for almost five years, until one morning two weeks after my daughter’s birthday in June 2013 upon awakening this particular photo came to mind among the thousands of photos in my computer. It was very clear that I was to share this photo with others, and as I decided to, the quote above came to mind. It wasn't until that day in that I noticed the angel in the photo.
Everything happens in divine timing, and I know that the time has come for me to share this photo with everyone so others can be encouraged and feel peaceful.
If you would like a copy of this photo at no charge please contact me, see below. 

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May you all know that your angels are with you always, have a beautiful blessed day... God and Angel Blessings to you all.  


" Angel in My Lens" Capturing God's Divine Beauty by Diane DiBlasi
  "Nature allows us to view God's palette"  Diane DiBlasi


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Spiritual nature photos are seen not only with the eyes but, also with the soul. Truly feel the joy when a butterfly crawls on someone’s hand. Know the peace of the frog who is sunning himself on a rock. The excitement you would get when a small little Chickadee swoops down out of a tree to feed out of your hand. Watching a sunset no matter where you are, and not knowing what colors will be displayed for the evening’s canvas. To connect with nature you not only connect with your soul, you connect with God.
   Gratitude for all of God's Gifts